Sun Tzu taught me the “Art of War” was subjugating without ever engaging in battle The true General is always a thinker. The Trojans taught us to beware of the gift givers. Who could forget The Count of Monte Cristo, The great Edmond Dante? This story was one of love, friendship and second chances. Ken Follet showed me The Pillars of the Earth,A Dangerous Fortune and a Place Called Freedom. Each time that I read the Quran I find something new in those  Suras. It’s like it gets better everytime.Would you believe that Muhammad was illiterate? Yet was able to speak so eloquently when he was under the trance reciting those beautiful verses. My whole way of thinking changed when I started reading about the Age of Enlightenment. So did the Founding Fathers. It was because of the Age of Enlightenment that this great country came to be. I sat at the feet of Albert Einstein, Niles Bohr, Alan Turing, Isaac Newton and the other rebels that changed the way that we understand our reality. Steve Jobs was a mad man but most geniuses are. Bill Gates gave the world Windows. He was so powerful the government had to step in. Isaac Asimov wrote about the future which we thought was science fiction but today it’s becoming science fact. I find courageous women like Aung San Suu Kyi attractive. I live A Revolutionary Life with Che’. Sometimes I feel like my writings are my version of Radio Rebelde’. Children of The Dragon made me understand the frustration of the  Chinese  youth in 1989 that led to the historic uprising.


Kurt Cobain’s pain was was his muse. In so many ways it would immortalize him. Bruce Springsteen was from a town away so when I read his story I knew those streets. It made achieving greatness real, because someone from my area made it so could I. You know it’s a good book because when it’s over it’s like losing a good friend. Sometimes you don’t read books the book reads you. It’s sees parts of you that you thought no one else could. It resonates deep within your soul. I’ve spoken to so many people. from Krishna to Caesar. Buddha taught me that “Impermanent are all things created, strive on with awareness.”  So many lessons some forgotten, some rediscovered. The fact still remains that the the most important book in my life was the one my mother first read to me. That I forced her to read over and over again till I could read it myself. She gave  my greatest gift, my love of learning. A young single mother reading to her only child at the time every night. Molding my mind. taking me from a boy to the man that I am.