Iron Man and Bat Man taught me that the power of your mind could make you a super hero. Super Man played a humble Clark Kent. That takes discipline, to be the greatest man on Earth but to also be the humblest. Green lantern preached the power of the human will. Spider Man was an ordinary boy that became an extraordinary man. But the X Men were my favorite out of them all. Wolverine was a rebel, Gene Grey was hot, Gambit was super cool. I can’t forget Rogue, Beast and Cyclops. Magneto was showing people the power of attraction that the mind had before it became in vogue to do so. Professor X was a handicapped Holocaust survivor and one of the greatest teachers literature ever known. He took a bunch of rebels, misfits and troubled teens and made them into a team. Made them act as one. Thor was a god amongst men. The Hulk struggled with the same issues that every man does. Which was suppressing your lower-self. If you don’t keep it under control it’ll make a monster out of you.


I was a young Tom Sawyer my imagination was my Huckleberry Finn. I would go to Sunday school and listen to those stories from the Bible. Moses didn’t have a father and neither did I. Jesus was the Son of God, but his mother was a virgin. I thought that maybe my mother was a virgin too when she had me.” Call no man on Earth you father. For your Father is up in heaven.” I found comfort in that statement. David slew giants and Solomon was the richest man ever. Lions couldn’t hurt Daniel. I can’t lie when the king put him in the lion’s den i was worried. God kept His word because Daniel had kept his. I learned in order for it to work we have to work in harmony with God. We do our part and He’ll do His. “A new new king came to power in Egypt who knew nothing of Joseph or what he had done.”  You’re only as good your last great act. If no one remembers then it’s like it never happened. I read about the Negro Leagues. Satchel Paige was one of the greatest pitcher ever. Josh Gibson probably hit the most homeruns ever in the history of baseball. Their names are hardly mentioned today because they played at a time when blacks weren’t allowed to play with whites. As a child  could never understand that kind of hate. Now I’m an adult I still can’t understand it.