In the digital age we do everything via some kind of device. We fall in love, stay close our families,sext and in some cases show what horrible human beings some of us can be. We can start businesses and have employees all over the world and communicate via Skype or Face time, or any other video conferencing tool. The remoteness of people means nothing in this era of connectivity. Today less emphasis is being placed on actually having a physical presence in a location in order to get things accomplished. Our relationships are not based on any of our senses other than sight and sound. The more connected we become the more disconnected we become form each other. Is that the trade off for a better future?  Our devices can create an entire digital world and ecosystem for us, but it cannot duplicate the human experience. The importance of physical interactions and connections should never be neglected. It is one of the things that makes us…… well human and a machine will never be able to duplicate that. A well written text will never be able to duplicate the a hug and a kiss. Most of our communication is non verbal and always has been. That is because humans have been connected to each other mentally or what some would call spiritually before computers ever came into the picture. We are slowly removing the elements and accents that make us who we are and that can be extremely dangerous.