In online dating men and women that would normally never approach someone they thought was good looking or otherwise. Find the courage to speak to random people and ask them out. If we placed these same people were in a room they wouldn’t say two words to each other. Dating sites thrive because people are lonely, too busy, too scared or are looking for a good time. All the inconveniences, like our low self-esteem, associated with meeting people in public are removed. You can now be as superficial as you choose to be. You no longer have to lie in order not to hurt someone’s feelings. You simply left swipe till you find what you are looking for, well at least on the surface. Left swiping for some people can be much easier and much less shallow than lying to people’s faces because they don’t fit our definition of “hot.”  Selecting a date or hook-up partner becomes like selecting fruit or produce. We are attracted to these peoples’ bio’s(which are really sales pitches) and those pics that show off their bodies. When we’re using our favorite dating apps we’re looking for results not a look in the mirror. We know we are horrible people for how we truly feel, but the best part of hiding behind the screen is that no one’s judging us but we get to judge everyone.


The irony is that our superficiality can backfire on us. People tend to use or lower selves against us in cat fishing. Cat fishing works best if the victim is socially awkward. They crave human interaction and acceptance but fear rejection in any form. The ability so use our devices as shields and our emails, texts, direct messaging and social media handles as weapons to combat their fears in order to find “love” is perfect. They get all the feeling of human interaction without actually interacting with other humans. These people are perfect for victims of cat fishing. Today more than ever seeing is not believing. What we see  is often not what we’re going to get. The profile pictures are fakes as well as the lifestyles that they depict. We buy, follow, and befriend all based on what we see on the surface. We allow our emotions and shallowness to do all the thinking. We rarely search for substance, we only seek instant gratification. Making us easy targets for deception by profile.