We live in a world were mass emails or  mass Christmas cards are supposed to act as surrogates for us. Where our avatars are supposed to be the real us. We believe that a phone call is a waste of time. Mr. Alexander Graham Bell is probably rolling over in his grave right now. People rather send you a text with emojis or some substitute that’s supposed to be equal a human emotion, figure of speech, gesture or action. Have we reverted back to using hieroglyphics, signs, symbols and cave paintings as the most effective way of communicating? For example take two teenaged girls sitting directly across from each other texting each other when they could simply look up from their phones and have a conversation like regular human beings. Am I the only one that believes this  behavior strange? We are suffering form the greatest emotional disconnect and self imposed period of exile in history. Why are we avoiding human contact so much these days? People will follow you on social media have full blown conversations with you, then see you in public and not say two words to you.

He always ignoring me. Depressed young woman holding hand on chin and looking at camera while her boyfriend talking on the mobile phone at outdoors restaurantSource

Maybe they are afraid that if they speak to you that they won’t be as witty and glamorous as they portray themselves to be when they are hiding behind their screen of choice. When we communicate via text, tweets, etc there’s a delay between responses where we can mold our responses into something cool and sophisticated. We can do all this without inconvenient facial gestures like phony smiles betraying us. Where as in the real world there are no such delays in the conversations. if you were to pause, show that fake smile or some other act that may come off as not being genuine then you’d be exposed for the fraud that we both know that you are. When you have a screen to mediate it makes it easier to be your ideal self.  Their is no anxiety like when you are in a face to face meeting. No sweaty palms, no wondering if you have bad breath, body odor or any random thoughts that we may be having while the other person’s talking. Behind that screen you are always in control, cool and calm. You never have to worry about saying the wrong things because you can tailor your responses exactly the way you want them. Should you choose to be you can be a bully or a troll by throwing rocks and hiding your cowardly hands. The ability to hide behind a screen gives many of us the courage to say and do anything that we want without ever being held accountable for our words.