All foods with the exception of the “fresh” fruits either come out of a can or a bag. The meats come out of a can as well. Ground meats, chicken parts and other processed meats are staples of the prison diet and are rotated daily. Once a week and on holidays the jail “treats” inmates to cloned chicken that has been fed a steady diet chemicals and housed in the most horrendous of conditions. The beef, like the chicken that’s being served has also been fed a healthy diet of food made from genetically modified organisms (GMO’S). Then the cows are butchered, meat loafed, hamburgered or canned. The prison has contracts with food processing centers, farms and distributors who bid for the privilege to be the source of the processed canned death that will be served to inmates. Some prisons have their own farms where they grow and harvest their own fruits, vegetables and dairy products. If not contracts are provided to those that can meet the needs of the jail. The food inmates receive is never heavily scrutinized by the prison administration or regulated. The cheaper the better. Why would they care anyway they are not the ones eating it.


Food preparation often takes place days prior to the meal being served. The food is emptied out of cans and placed in pans and plastic bowls and stored in refrigerators. Since the prison menu for the week has already been predetermined by the administration this method of storage makes the officer in charge of the kitchen’s job much easier. When the time comes to serve the food, the food is placed in ovens or on stove tops in huge pots, heated and served to the inmate population. Every inmate is served a tray with a predetermined portion for the main course, sides and deserts. The is extremely bland, that way inmates with high blood pressure will not complain about the amount of salt in the food.  All this does is cause inmates to over use salt, pepper and other condiments in an attempt to add flavor. What the food lacks in flavor it makes up for in grease and fat. The vegetables are over cooked so nutrients are removed. Each meal is loaded with bad carbohydrates and starches that will eventually turn into sugar in the body and then fat. One might reason that if the food is so unhealthy, why don’t the inmates just avoid the bad food and eat the fruits and vegetables? The vegetable portions are not enough to survive on and the majority of the fruits are served from the can. Inmates can’t really eat to be healthy, instead they must eat to survive.


The alternative is even worse than the food served in the prison cafeteria.  A commissary order form contains basic hygiene and cosmetic products, various types of chips, cakes, sodas, juices, crackers, cookies, rice, condiments and sodium and preservative laced meats and fish. The worst of all the products sold on commissary is often the cheapest, the soups. Companies like Ramen make millions of dollars from the inmate population selling their products. The sodium levels in a soup packet has been known to cause many inmates pass out and be placed on high blood pressure medicines. The medical staff joking call it “the Ramen induced coma.” The profit margins from products sold on commissary by major brands such as Nabisco, Lipton, Velveeta, and Coca-Cola are unbelievable. They mercilessly raise the prices of their products from anywhere from 30 to 80% of the retail value of the supermarket price. They are overcharging the inmates for their poisons who are more than willing to pay the inflated prices in order to have an alternative to the cafeteria food. All foods with the exception of snacks are cooked with hot water or in microwaves which are supplied by the prison administration. The commissary diet is is a direct route to a heat attack, diabetes and obeseity.Washed down with sodas or juice mixes inmates are slowly killing themselves.