Gone are the days when prisons served fish head soup, gruel and hard black bread. Though prison food has improved the nutrition value may not have. In prison there are only two ways for prisoners to get food. They could (A) eat whatever the institution decides to serve in the cafeteria, or (B) they can purchase food from  the commissary. If the prisoner is “lucky” her or she can choose not to eat the  horrible prison and eat the commissary food and slowly poison themselves. Most people don’t know that the food served to inmates is of a lower grade and quality than canned dog food. For inmates serving lengthy sentences having to eat bad food for long periods of time may be doing irreparable damage to their health. Ironically the majority of America’s prison population is African American, the segment of this countries population who are most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and obesity than any other race. Prisoners are suffering from malnutrition from being deprived of proper nutrients not from not having enough food to eat. In other words eating bad foods is worse than not eating any food.