It was said that if the well trained mind does not tell the well trained body to quit, then the well trained body must keep going. The mind and the body are interdepent. Separate one from the other and you have nothing. The body isn’t considered dead until our brains stops working. The foods we eat are not only fuel for the human body, but those foods even effects our thought process. Healthier foods like fruits and vegetables increases mental activity, can help improve our memory as well as increase levels of alertness and awareness. These foods will help the body perform necessary functions like food digestion, the rebuilding of cells and muscles and can strengthen our immune systems. A healthier diet will  also reverse the effects of aging and keep us looking younger longer. If the body looks good and feels healthy we will usually feel better about ourselves. The way we perceive ourselves is directly connected to how the human body feels. Think thoughts of illness and the body will respond in kind, the same can be said of thinking thoughts of health. Our thoughts can mimic the placebo effect on our bodies.


Exercise not only keeps the human body in tip top shape but also will increase the blood flow to all our major organs. Increased blood flow to the brain will improve our mental capabilities. Turning the average mind into a super mind. Once the mind has expanded and increased it’s capabilities in must continue to perform at this heightened level  of consciousness. This new feeling of alertness and awareness due to the increased blood flow feels great, dopamine is released and the mind becomes addicted to this state of euphoria. The brain wants to feel like this constantly so you begin to want to exercise more, your muscles begin to grow, you look great and your brain sends you signals that your ego will interpret as positive reinforcement. Both you’re body and brain is happy, and you are now a work out junkie.