Dear Amnesty International,


I was recently on your website and was moved by your vision/ mission statement and figured that I should appeal to your organization for help. For those not familiar with your reason for being please allow me to take a moment to bring them up to speed. Your websites states:


“Amnesty International is a global movement of people fighting injustice and promoting human rights. We work to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied. Currently the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization, we investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world. We received the Nobel Peace Prize for our own life-saving work.”

“Our vision is of a world in which every person regardless or race,religion,ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and other  internationally recognized human rights standards. The UDHR states that the recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and insatiable rights of all people is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.”


These words resonated deep within the very foundation of my being. You may not have heard of me but people call me, well I call me, I mean call myself The Bionic Man. It’s a long story, but I digress. Anyway I’ve been writing content for web sites and articles addressing current events. You should Google my work it’s real good, but I’m bias for obvious reasons. Our mission is basically the same, except I don’t have my own grassroots movement, the ear of the world or a Nobel Peace Prize. So I was wondering If you could use your clout and credibility to help me help the American people? I know that’s a strange request but we kind of need it.


I believe that our politicians have been compromised by corporate America, big banks, multinational organizations, outdated beliefs, greed and simply not caring about American citizens. I’m starting to believe that our leaders are not capable of leading. Sometimes I think our political system is nothing more than political theater. Listen, in no way shape or form am I some conspiracy theorist nut job. The things I’m about say will make complete sense if you’ve been paying attention to world events and are not easily deceived. First off American foreign policy is very confusing. We say we are the leaders of the free world and protectors of the rights of the oppressed, but countries I thought were supposed to be our adversaries are being treated like allies. We’ve accused many  countries of violating  people’s human rights and of being a threat to our national security. Yet we are becoming friends with the world’s most oppressive governments due to the threat of terrorism. So our game plan is that we are to befriend terrorists in order to fight terrorists? As well as to fund and arm terrorists in order to stop terrorists? I know it doesn’t make sense me either. It’s kind if hypocritical for us to promote women’s rights and self driving cars and also support countries where women are not allowed to have the same rights as men or even drive cars. We claim to be advocates of the freedom of speech, but our Saudi allies punishes it’s citizens by death for “insulting Islam through electronic channels” and “going beyond the realm of obedience,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. I’m asking you to please save us from our own hypocrisy because it’s violating the rights of people all over the world and disrespecting the intelligence of the American people.


I have watched the news for years and have been told repeatedly that under no circumstances can Iran expand it’s or even have a nuclear enrichment program. Was I being lied to? Because now the Obama administration seems pretty determined to help Iran to do the forbidden. We are arming and funding Ukrainians because we are scared of Putin and because  they are scared of Putin. We gave them a billion dollars and in exchange the Ukrainians placed Joe Biden’s son Hunter on the board of one of Ukraine’s largest natural gas companies. How is ISIS or ISL or the Islamic State so tech savvy? I don’t think we are giving these people enough credit. Who’s funding them anyway because their propaganda videos look like Toyota pick up truck commercials? Are our allies funding them by purchasing all the stolen oil from them? I would like our government to investigate this before we are plunged back into a war that never seems to end, but just changes it’s name, in order for us to know who the real enemy is this time. Our major corporations, banks and lending institutions are doing business or colluding with banks and/or individuals who have fixed the London Inter Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) manipulating the world’s markets. Global business and politics are becoming the same thing. Don’t believe me look up Davos’ World Economic Forum. I’m asking these questions in hope that we can do something to stop what’s been going on. Because if we see someone doing something wrong and don’t do anything to stop then we’re just as guilty as the perpetrators of the crime.


Some Americans live in food deserts in urban deserts. A food desert is where fast food restaurants and junk food vendors outnumber the places where highly nutritious foods are sold. These food deserts are located in urban deserts where the majority of the population are either unemployed or underemployed and job opportunities are few or nonexistent. I believe that many people believe that America is the land of milk and honey and in many ways it is. It’s just that the quality of the milk and honey that’s being  given to the food insecure through food banks and other government assistance programs are laced with chemicals. We shouldn’t give subsidies to cash crops while Americans that need food the most are provided with bad food and become malnourished. I want our education system to be reformed. I want our neighborhoods to be safe. Some of our children live in crime infested war zones. Our prison system does not rehabilitate. Instead it serves as a front for cheap, almost borderline slave labor with unbelievable profit margin. I want clarity on what exactly is meant by immigration reform. The news will have us believe that we are under attack by Mexicans. Yet engineers and computer scientists from the middle east and Asia are given working visas, welcomed with opened arms and will have the red carpet rolled out for them. I guess that’s because they are the backbone of Silicon Valley and those seeking asylum usually aren’t. Maybe the answer to that is above my pay grade.


It feels like minorities are under attack by the propaganda showed television. For some reason they want the world to believe that we are all criminals. It’s gotten so bad that some minorities are even believing the propaganda. We rushed to grieve with the Saudi royal family, but not with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo shootings. There are elected officials who believe that our Constitution in nothing more than some ancient relic and the laws don’t apply to them. They sound like Egypt’s president who believe that in order to achieve the desired outcome of national security it is inevitable that some human rights must be disregarded. Extremism in the “defense” of liberty is, and always has been wrong. Our tech companies are supposed to be driving innovation but instead they are employing venture capital firms to take over small companies with great potential. Then the venture capitalists are tricking  the smaller companies into selling their dreams  for discount prices to the larger companies. The majority of our large tech companies all have ex-military intelligence or government officials on their boards. Is this the new form of socialism? Maybe I’m looking too deep into this or not looking deep enough. All I’m asking is that the people of Amnesty International save America from the Hypocrisy that’s going on within our country because it’s oppressing the American people as well as people all over the world. Since you’ve stated in your vision/ mission statement that you are against this type of behavior I believe that you are perfect for the job. I’ll do what I by educating through my writings but I need you to keep your promise to the people of the world.