How am I not supposed to be obsessed with Maxine Williams, the Global Head of Diversity at Facebook? Born in Trinidad, one of three children raised by a single mother. At Yale you created your own major in Caribbean studies, studied law at Oxford and taught law at the University of the West Indies. You were an actress, human rights coordinator and an attorney. When do you sleep? You said “I know and care deeply about the difference which opportunity and diversity make to the quality of what we can produce together.” I love it when you speak like that. You can be so poetic when you want to be. As a kid you couldn’t play on your brother’s cricket team because you were a girl, as an adult you were evicted from your apartment because of your skin color. You are black and a woman which makes you a double minority. Which made your sojourn to the top twice as hard. You were placed in your position at Facebook because it takes a special woman to handle the special task that you were given. And you Laura Weidman Powers, co-founder and CEO of CODE2040,a non-profit founded in 2012 that focuses on getting more African Americans and Hispanics into the tech work force. Laura you are truly an asset to the human race. I am with you and you have my undying support. Every day you are opening doors, brining inclusive techniques to established hiring practices, the least I can do is say thank you. Women like yourself don’t get the attention they deserve. We live in a world where celebrities get all the awards. Please keep up the good work and don’t think we don’t notice, do not be discouraged. Most people are idiots they value style over substance. I will always align myself with the nation builders and the architects of the future. I pick my own heroes and truly understand what makes a woman beautiful. The media will never be able to change that.


This article was inspired by the women who run companies like tech companies like Chegg, Birchbox,Wickr, Cloudfare, Life Time, Tradesy, Nasty Gal and Intuit. To women like Megan Smith the United States’ Chief Technology Officer. I ask every woman that was mentioned or wasn’t mentioned in article to please keep going further. Continue to represent the vanguard of movement. The “popular” girls will get the attention but you will be the ones changing the world and creating the future. You will be venerated and honored in the history books. You’re not doing this for likes or to be a trending topic but for the future of mankind. I commend you and thank you for your efforts. As the discussion on gender discrimination rages on, continue to set an example for all women and be amazing. I will continue to fall in love with you daily. I will forever love your beautiful minds with your incorruptible souls. You are leaders in fight for not just women’s rights but human rights. Without strong women like you there would be no me, there would be no future. Every great man came from a woman. Let my love serve as a testament to your life’s work. Your strength makes us all stronger. I am moved by your my movement. It not only benefits me, but my mother, sister and my unborn daughter. This is more than a love letter it is a letter of appreciation and a letter of intent to stand with you in support of your cause. Your cause is humanities cause. Continue to fight for a better future and always make your presence known and felt.