I watch the “activist investors” attack Marissa Mayer, yet she continuously shows courage under fire. She was given the impossible task of making Yahoo relevant again. Your opposition doesn’t realize that the more they speak about you the company stays relevant because there is no such thing as bad publicity. They might not like you for the simple fact that you’re a woman. But they have to respect your business acumen. Revenue from the businesses you have created or have acquired is growing at an annual rate of 80% just like you predicted when took over in 2012. You purchased TUMBLR which has 460 million users, and is the fastest growing social network. You made a killing when Alibaba went public an you’ve been on the job for only three years. So please tell the “activist” investors that you’re an activist that’s investing your time for the benefit of all women, especially those in or seeking positions of power in this so called man’s world. I ask that you continue to break records and break down barriers. Your doubters may have  you under siege, but may you continue to stand strong because you are a bastion for oppressed women everywhere. You mean so much to those that seek refuge in you and what your represent. Please continue to fight the good fight. I first fell in love with you and your dynamic personality the first time I heard you speak of the future of technology and business. Your vision was so clear and vivid it was like you came back from the future and were simply telling us what you had seen. I felt like we were having an intimate conversation and you were trusting me with your dreams and aspirations. I was so honored that that you would share the genius that is you with me.


I write this and think of this millennium’s Grace Hoppers. Those whose innovative thoughts and actions effect our everyday lives. I worship the ground women like Sheryl Sandberg walks on. Even though that ground may be rough and lopsided for a woman. I admire the way you have blazed a trail for your sisters to follow. Your book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will To Lead,” serves as a how to manual for your contemporaries and the women who will come after you. In your manifesto you took on sexism, the status quo and harassment. You told women that of course their ideas matter and so does where they sit at the boardroom table. Your job description includes working tirelessly for the advancement of women, making sure they are not undervalued and that opportunities don’t go to less qualified male employees. You’re full time crusader for women’s rights and workplace equality. What don’t you do? Every time I see you you’re addressing politicians, masters in business, investors or the American public. Always reminding us what empowering women is supposed to look like. You are articulate, educated and driven. Every real man’s dream. Your power is not intimidating because I’m not insecure. I believe that my woman should be my equal. Equal in in thought, power, social status and pay. If she makes more than me it doesn’t matter because we are on the same team and our goals and objectives are the same so it benefits the whole. A woman should not get paid 80 cents to a man’s dollar for the same work, and women like you make sure the playing field remains leveled that’s why I love you.