While we may cringe at a scandal or two in the U.S., there are other countries that are far worse off when it comes to political corruption. And the irony is that many of these countries are among the poorest in the world, and yet their leaders are content to take power and loot the treasury until there’s nothing left. Corruption is based on the level of trust countries have about each other, so with that in mind, here’s a list of nations that have a reputation of systemic corruption.




Somalia is a war-torn country in East Africa that’s suffered political and economic instability for the past 20 years. The country is rife with starvation and militants who are bent on controlling the country. The citizens have no confidence in the ruling government’s ability to protect them, and there are few safe zones in the country. The U.S. was driven out of the country in the late 90s after the infamous incident in which a dead soldier was dragged through the streets.


North Korea


North Korea is an absolute dictatorship ruled by Kim Jong-un, the 31 year-old who has shown many signs of immaturity and petulance during his reign. North Korea remains one of the most brutal regimes on earth, imprisoning anyone who speaks against the government, and keeping citizens under tight controls. Those who have snuck into the country, report widespread poverty and starvation, and a citizenry that is terrified of its own government.