John Wayne Gacy


By raping and killing more than 30 people, mostly boys and teenagers, and burying them under his house, Gacy more than qualifies as one of the worst criminals in history. Fat and jolly-looking, Gacy couldn’t contain his dark side, and was given the just reward for his crimes, execution.


Josef Mengele


Mengele is now synonymous with the words ‘war criminal,’ and his hideous experiments on captive Jews during World War II continue to send shivers down the spines of normal people. Mengele is responsible for sending nearly half a million to the gas chamber, and his experiments including pouring chemicals into the eyes of victims to test color change and sewing twins together surgically to test out his mad theories.


Heinrich Himmler


Yes, Hitler was the figurehead, but many of those under his control were much smarter and even more insidious in their thinking than him. Himmler was second only to Hitler in power and influence during the Third Reich, and he was the architect of the Final Solution, which was the extermination plan for the Jews in Germany. He has his hands in the deaths of 7 million people, including Jews and Russians, and took his own life in 1945, sparing the world a public trial.