Blue Duck Tavern – Washington D.C.


Triple fries is the thing to get at Blue Duck Tavern. These are fries that are sliced thick, boiled, and fried twice, once in peanut oil and the second time in duck fat. If you’re a fan of wedge fries, this will put you on cloud nine, and probably clog your arteries for a few weeks, but who cares? Taste is the thing, and the fries at the Blue Duck are rich and succulent, with a crispness that ties it all together.


Jasper’s Corner Tap – San Francisco, California


Chances are that you’ve probably never stepped foot inside a restaurant that has a separate menu that only offers fries. If that’s the case, then Jasper’s will blow your mind. The fries-dedicated menu offers you a cornucopia of fries choices, such as sweet potatoes, wedge-cut and thin, then offers you toppings such as cheese, paprika and hot gravy. These fries are meant to be a meal, so you can even skip the burger or sandwich.


McDonalds — Anywhere, USA


Come on, did you really believe a list of best fries wouldn’t end with russet potatoes from the Golden Arches? Say what you will about McDonalds, the company’s fries are still one of the best in the country. They are just soggy enough to stuff your face with burgers and fries and a sip of coke all at the same time. And that slightly sweet taste is second to none. Many have tried, but no other fast-food joint touches McDonalds’ fries.