Duckfat – Portland, Maine


Maine is known as being the home state of horror maven Stephen King, and he probably can be found stuffing his face with fries from Duckfat, a strangely named sandwich joint that actually describes how the food in the joint is prepared, ie, fried in duck fat. The fries are no exception, and because fat from ducks is rich and flavorful, the fries are more of a delicacy than just a side order for a sandwich.


The Original Hot Dog Shop – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


For more than 50 years, this dog stand has served up great hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and fries. Everything here is homemade, and tastes the way you remember good home cooking tasting when you were a kid. The fries are authentic Idaho spuds, and are fried twice before being served on a tray. You’re advised to take a lot of people with you, because the fries are the type that are enough to feed a family and then some. Oh, and enjoy the hot dogs while you’re there, as they are as good as the fries.


Boise Fry Company – Boise, Idaho


It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the state that produces Idaho potatoes would have a contender on the list, right? But what makes Boise Fry Company so special is that they don’t try to hide the fact that fries are their business. You can order fries made from a half-dozen different types of potatoes, including sweet potatoes and yams, then you get to the dressing, which includes malt vinegar and blueberry ketchup. But that’s not all, for you lovers of the strange and the esoteric. You can also sprinkle garlic salt on your fries and dip them in Thai sour cream. Fries are also available in styles such as shoestring, curly, homestyle or regular.