There are always great pop culture debates that rage for years without any resolution. For example, “Star Trek” fans can’t abide “Star Wars” fans who think their series is superior. Coke fans can’t stand Pepsi fans, and mustard or ketchup on a hot dog is an eternal disagreement. So when it comes to who makes the best french fries, you can imagine the differing opinions. Rather than try to settle the debate, here’s a list of the contenders, so you can make an informed decision, rail at the choices or just shrug and continue munching on your favorites while laughing derisively at those who made the short-list.


Father’s Office – Santa Monica, California


It’s no surprise that Santa Monica is home to some of the best fries in the country. There’s an eclectic vibe to the city that welcomes new things, and the fries at French Office are definitely different than what you’d expect. They are served in a cart, and they also have a side of garlic aioli and are tossed with fresh parsley. The fries are thin and crispy and lightly oiled, so you don’t feel like you need a shower after you’re done.


Pike Street Fish Fry – Seattle, Washington


Pike Street Fish Market is a world-famous location and tourist destination that serves some of the freshest seafood in the world. The hole in the wall Pike Street Fish Fry fries are that delicious blend of soggy and flavorful, and they’re all hand-sliced and soaked before undergoing the frying process. Sides include lemon aioli, chili mayo and curry ketchup.