Bottled Water


As a result of all the problems found in Mexican tap water, a high percentage of city residents drink their water from a bottle. Mexico ranks second in the world in consumption of bottled water, and the bottled water business is one of the most profitable in the country. If you’re traveling to Mexico, you are better off sticking to water that is bottled by a large corporation such as Coca-Cola, instead of a fly-by-night local company, of which there are hundreds. These smaller bottled water companies often pass off tap water as pure water, which puts you right back at square one.


Boiled Water


If you can’t find bottled water, or you don’t trust the quality of the bottled water company where you are staying, you can also boil your water before you drink it or use it to brush your teeth. High heat kills most parasites and bacteria, as long as you maintain a boil for several minutes. Don’t add ice, obviously, as the ice may be made from water that is contaminated.