Experience Hood


The ‘experience hood,’ is a design by two students who wanted to be able to record the personal experience of one person, and allow another person to go through the same thing. The way the device works that it records audio, light and footsteps when a person is wearing the hood. The audio recording is transmitted to a remote location and then sent to the hood of another person, so that he can hear and ‘feel’ what the original person heard and felt. The idea of the experience hood is to help people digitally share experiences in a more personal and kinetic manner.


Wearable Earphones


For those of you who are always misplacing your earphones, and getting them hopelessly tangled, wearable earphones are the solution. A company named Rusty has developed a hoodie with a pair of elastic strings that end in earphones. The hoodie also has a side pocket where you can jack in your musical device, and the earbuds are washable, so there’s no danger in you getting them wet. This is a fantastic device for those of you who jog or work out, but don’t want the hassle of looking for your earphones every time you leave your house.


USB Necklace


If you want to rock a piece of jewelry that doubles as a USB drive, then a USB chain is the one for you. Swarovski, the crystal kings, have developed a necklace that has a heart-shaped necklace with a removable heart that is actually a tiny USB drive that you can plug into your desktop or laptop. It’s also a neat way for the woman on your life to never lose her flash drive again, as long as she’s wearing the gift you so thoughtfully bought her.