Another innovation in wearable technology, is a T-shirt that connects to your iphone wirelessly, and lets you project images on an LED display built into the shirt, which can also show tweets, play music and display photos. The first shirts that have this technology were rolled out by Cute Circuit, with their TshirtOS line, but look for bigger companies to get in on the tech-shirt craze.


Heart-Monitoring Ring


Taking off from the smart watches on the market, tech companies are making rings that can track your heart rate. A company named Electricfoxy released the Pulse ring in 2012 that glows in specific colors to indicate whether your heart is at, below or above the recommended heart rate. It’s designed to be worn just like a normal ring, and is for active people and athletes who want a less bulky way than a smartwatch to monitor their heart rate during intense activity.


Performance Clothing


Not to be outdone by the wearable T-shirts, performance garments are being designed and tested that will synchronize to a dancer’s movements and project images and sound onto shirts and trousers. The first version of these performance garments was created by students at the Parson School For Design, and is intended to enhance a performance to incorporate sound and images as the performer moves. No word yet on when these garments will be available to the public.