The Internet was the first wave, followed by social media, and now wearable technology seems to be the new craze. More than just portable, wearable technology is designed so that it attaches to some part of your body, and makes it easy for you to access the Internet, track the miles you’ve walked, or even answer your phone. Here are some of the trends and products that are making wearable technology so popular.


Smart Watch


Smart watches are one of the most popular wearable technologies on the market today. As always, Apple is leading the way with its latest innovation, the Apple Watch, which will be available in April. Smart watches let you send and receive text messages, receive phone calls and track your health, including monitoring your pulse rate and heartbeat. Smart watches are also a fashion accessory, so there’s a two-for-one vibe with them, and of course, they are the latest way to remain pop-culturally relevant.


Glass Wear


Google has not released its Google Glass wearable technology device to the public, as it is still being tweaked. The idea with this device is that it allows you to issue hands-free commands that are translated through your glasses and enables you to access the Internet, and see images reflected on your glasses. Google glass also allows you to take photos, record video and remotely reset or disable the glasses in the event that they are stolen. Until Google Glass is sold to the public, it remains a tantalizing prospect, and not a fully-realized reality.