WAZE also lets users alert each other to the presence of traffic cameras at intersections that may not be thought of as speed zones, but feature cameras that snap photos of your license plate, which triggers a ticket in the mail.


Point System


WAZE users also earn points based on the reliability of the information they transmit through the app. This helps you distinguish between a user who is a newbie, and less experienced, and an old vet who comes through all the time. You’re more likely to trust the report of a highly-rated WAZE user, than one who has consistently given information that proves to be inaccurate. The rating system also helps to weed out knowingly false reports, which quickly earn a user a bad reputation and ultimately get that person banned from using the app.


Safer Driving


When you’re aware that police have set up a trap, or are catching speeders in a certain area, you are more likely to obey traffic laws, slow down and drive with care. WAZE users aren’t just using the app to avoid cops, they are using it to let drivers know to proceed with caution in the areas where there is a heavy police presence. And if that helps improve driver attention and safety, that’s a win-win for both law enforcement and for drivers.