In the beginning, was the GPS, and the GPS was good, and the GPS was life, but then came WAZE to change the game. WAZE is a user-driven app that lets you and other drivers send real-time information as you’re driving that could aid other drivers on their commute. But there is also the drawback that focusing so much on sending out information could also impair driving. If you’re new to WAZE, here are some of the positives and negatives of using this social media traffic app.




Traffic Reports


WAZE is beneficial because it lets you know the traffic near and around where you are driving so that you can make adjustments to avoid being late to a meeting or appointment. Because WAZE users send reports in real-time, you can also track the traffic situation to see if it’s improving or getting worse, unlike radio traffic reports, which are issued every hour and are less useful when you need a report as you’re driving.




WAZE also lets you report or receive an information about an accident that could force a detour. Knowing that there’s an accident even minutes from where you are driving, could save you an hour of bumper to bumper traffic, and get you where you are going on time.




If there’s a speed trap ahead, WAZE users can inform each other that there’s a police presence in a certain area, which  can save from paying the price of a hefty ticket, including the hassle of attending driving school.