California — Star Power


Most of the celebrities in the music, TV and film world make their home in California, especially LA. Very few big names in pop culture settle down in Texas. The reason is that California is a state with star power, and it’s where the rich and famous want to live. California is synonymous with sunshine, beautiful women, wealth and festivity. The state sells itself when it comes to attracting residents. Texas was known for the TV show “Dallas,” and the irony is that only the exteriors were actually filmed in Texas, with the bulk of the episodes filmed in California. Even a show called “Dallas” is beholden to California for its success.


California – Weather


You can argue until you are red in the face and out of breath, but there’s no better weather in the country than in California. Yes, it gets cold up in northern California, but no one is buried under three feet of snow like in the East Coast. Texas is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It has very little variation. It’s dry and dusty and it’s not unusual for the state to hit the 100s for days on end. California has a mild climate, with only one really hot month, August, and the rest of the year very reasonable, especially from March until October. That’s why California residents are on the beaches in February, while Texans are huddled in coats.