Texas – NFL Teams


This is one that Texans love to hold over the Golden State, because it’s impossible to conceive that California’s largest city, Los Angeles, does not have an NFL team, and hasn’t for more than a decade. Texas has ‘America’s Team,’ the Dallas Cowboys, as well as the Houston Texans. And while the Texans aren’t elite, the Cowboys are a household name, and there are probably more Cowboy fans in California than fans of the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers combined.


Texas – Everything is Bigger


When you travel through Texas, whether you’re in Houston or San Antonio or Dallas, you’ll notice that buildings, shops and billboards are big. There’s a largeness about Texas that can’t be duplicated in any other state. What Californians call ‘superized’ is just a normal portion when it comes to food servings in Texas. Texans live big, party hard and embrace the fact that their state is so massive. And though California is a large state, ‘big’ isn’t just about size, it’s all about attitude, and that’s where Texans believe they reign over the ‘fakes’ out in La-La land.


California — Stronger Economy


California has had its share of tough economic times, but Governor Brown has righted the ship, balanced the budget and made investors excited again about the Golden State. Texas, however, is experiencing a slowdown because of lower oil prices, which could trigger a recession later in 2015. California has Silicon Valley, which is the capital of the world’s tech industry, the entertainment sector headquartered in LA, and millions of visitors who still flock to the state to experience the most geographically diverse land in the country.