For women who want a breast enlargement, but aren’t sure they want to use saline or silicone, there is another option. But this option, known as stem cell breast augmentation, is a bit of a misnomer, because it really isn’t about the controversial use of stem cells, but rather uses body fat as the filling to increase your breast size. If you’re thinking about this type of augmentation, here are the facts to help you decide if this is the right procedure for you.


It Uses Your Own Fat


Stem cell breast augmentation really is better termed as grafting fat from another part of your own body, and having that fat inserted into your breasts to make them larger. The fat is removed through a liposuction procedure, but instead of being discarded, it’s injected into your breasts in the same way as saline or silicone. Fat is usually removed from your thighs, stomach or arms, but other areas may be harvested, depending on your body mass.


It’s Safer


Unlike the introduction of foreign material into your body, which takes place when you undergo silicone or saline implantation, using your own fat is much safer and doesn’t present any of the risks involved with silicone or saline. For example, your fat won’t burst or leak into your system, and since there is no sac involved, you don’t have to worry about bacterial infections. Another reason that the fat transfer process is safer, is that you won’t experience any rejection issues as you might with silicone or saline. The one thing to be aware of, is that a small portion of the fat tissue that is extracted will not be viable for injection into your breasts, so that may affect the size of your breasts after the procedure.