CNN Breaking News


Although Fox News kicks CNN’s ass in the ratings every single day, CNN returns the favor on Twitter, with more than 25 million followers who sign up to get the latest headlines every hour on the hour. Ignorance is definitely not bliss in the digital age, not when information is so damn accessible. And despite what you may hear from your right-wing friends, CNN is fair and balanced, and tries to do something rare:  present the news and the issues, and let you decide what you think about it, instead of crafting an agenda beforehand, and then disguising their intent like a network that shall go nameless, but rhymes with ‘socks.’


Miley Ray Cyrus


Cyrus is crazy like a fox, and if you don’t believe that her entire ‘sexual awakening’ is a calculated act to completely transform her image from “Hannah Montana” cute to erotic object of desire, then you’re not half as smart as she is, and you don’t deserve to become one of her followers. Cyrus is entertaining and prone to say outrageous and sometimes interesting things. She takes on sacred cows all the time, pushes social convention and tweaks her rivals such as Christina Aguilera, which may be reason enough to follow her.