The President

Barack ObamaSource

Mr. Obama has a large following on social media, and he seems to be the first real digital prez, comfortable with new technology, young, handsome and hip enough to do Google Hangouts and take questions from town hall meetings that are broadcast live on YouTube. You should follow Obama because he’s the leader of the country, and whether you’re a Democrat, Republican or Independent, the future of America depends on active involvement, whether that’s through dissent or support.


Cristiano Ronaldo


In the U.S., Ronaldo’s name is synonymous with power and talent to those who understand that futbol is the biggest sport on the planet. Ronaldo is the definition of a metrosexual, and the word ‘beautiful’ has often been used to describe his physique. Millions of women love this specimen of athletic manhood for reasons other than the ones found on a soccer pitch. And Ronaldo seems so perfectly suited to the social media age. After all, this is a man who built a museum dedicated to himself.