Whether you are into it or not, the social media age is upon us, and phrases such as ‘follow,’ ‘tweet’ and ‘Google me’ are a significant aspect of the pop culture lingo. The irony of social media is that it gives power to the individual in terms of self expression, but it also breeds a sheep-like mentality, as people gravitate to shining lights and hang on their every tweet, photo or video. If you’re not part of the ‘lemming’ culture, but are looking to find out who everyone else is following, here’s a quick rundown of the most popular social media darlings in the world.


Katy Perry

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It’s kind of amazing to think that Perry leads the pack on Twitter, with more than 66 million followers. But maybe it’s not that difficult to understand, being that Perry is a triple threat who is beautiful, talented and approachable. People feel as if they can have a conversation with her, because she isn’t stuck up, and she has a vulnerability that is endearing. And Perry doesn’t take herself too seriously, and loves to show enough skin to keep her young male audience agog, so her following is justified.


Justin Bieber

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What’s funny about Bieber is that as many people love the guy as loathe him, and yet it hasn’t stopped him from amassing more than 60 million Twitter followers. Whatever this pop idol does seems to attract attention, negative or otherwise, and as he grows up, and begins exploring his masculinity, he may actually become more interesting.