Its Video Function Is Better Than All the Others


For those of you addicted to Skype, you may want to check out Google Hangouts, which blows Skype and other video chat sites away. Hangouts offers you free video chats for as many as 10 people at one time, and you can interface with popular sites such as YouTube while you’re still in the chat. You can also use Google Doc while you’re in Hangouts, which allows you to have business meetings as you’re chatting. If you’re an entrepreneur with your own YouTube channel, Google Hangouts lets you live stream your video session through your YouTube channel, so that all your subscribers can tune in at the same time.


Its Word Processing System Kicks Ass


Google Docs is superior to Microsoft Word in so many ways, but if you want just one, it lets you collaborate with other Google Doc users in real time. Try doing that with Microsoft Word, and get back to me in a few years when those software developers figure out how to do it. Google Docs also trumps Word by letting you email files in Word, PDF, HTML and other formats. In addition, you never have to save a file in Google Docs, because the program does it for you immediately, so you don’t have to worry about a power outage that will get rid of your file because you failed to hit the ‘Save’ button. And another thing that’s cool is that you can access Google Docs from any computer, smartphone or tablet, which isn’t the case with Word.


It’s Easy To Use


Google is the easiest thing in the world to use. Just type ‘Google’ and you’re on the site. Then type whatever you need and it shows up in a billion formats. From kids to the elderly, just about everyone can use Google in mere moments, and the concept is so simple that even the dumbest individual can achieve success with Google.