It’s Always There For You


Unlike a dog, who may sometimes fall asleep instead of guarding your house, Google is always active and always available. It doesn’t matter if you’re bleary-eyed at three in the morning, because Google won’t let you down. Just type in the information and it will spit out what you need, on time, every time. Seriously, when’s the last time Google had a worldwide outage or interruption of service?


It’s a Multimedia Wonder


When you use Google, you aren’t just limited to looking at written information on a subject, you can choose images, video, news, shopping, maps and books. That is a true multimedia wonder, a service that opens up a whole world of visual and textual information so that every aspect of a subject or topic is covered. Can you imagine a world without Google, in which you would have to schlep to a library and look through old books and wrinkled magazines, and rent out a DVD?


It Digitized Millions of Books


Maybe in response to complaints from libraries that Google was making people dumber and less literate, Google decided to digitize millions of books, including ones that were in the public domain, and others that you can purchase online. That’s another reason to love Google, it’s ability to transform and adapt to the culture without losing the essence of what makes it great. So you can now literally sit for hours on end, browsing through free digitized books that can help you do your homework or write a paper, without having to leave your home.