If you’re a millennial, that is someone between the age of 18 and 34, Google has probably dominated your life for some time. It’s hard to imagine what people did before the invention of Google, but if you ask older folks, they’ll lament how kids these days have no clue what a card catalog is, or how to use a microfiche machine. Well, technology is supposed to make things easier and better, and that’s exactly what Google has done. Here are some reasons Google trumps a dog as man’s closest companion.


It Makes You Instantly Smarter


In the old days, if you needed to know something that wasn’t in your wheelhouse, you would have to go to a library or look it up in a dictionary or a dated encyclopedia. That took time and effort, unlike Google, which makes you smarter in milliseconds. In fact, what’s really cool about Google is that it tells you how long it took to generate results from whatever words you typed into the box. And Google doesn’t just tell you what a word means, or explains a concept, it gives you hundreds of angles from which that subject has been examined by experts.


It Compensates For Your Ignorance

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How many times have you not really known what you’re looking for on Google, so you just type in something close to the subject on which you need information, and presto, Google does the rest? Google is so smart, it actually compensates for your lack of knowledge by taking even the barest hint of information and generating search results that you need.