He’s In the Space Race


Musk is fascinated with private exploration of outer space, reasoning that no one owns the galaxy, and that NASA and the Russians shouldn’t be the only ones trying to break new frontiers. IN 2012, his Space X company launched the first mission by a private company to bring supplies to the International Space Station. Do you think a colony on Mars is beyond this man’s reach?


He Chills In California


Would you rather live somewhere in the East Coast where there’s two feet of snow from January to April, or sunny California, where the skies are blue and you can fire up a barbecue pretty much all year long? Musk knows it’s much easier to take over the world when you’re chilling in a comfortable climate, which is why he has homes in Palo Alto and Hawthorne.


He’s Been Anointed By Time Magazine


Musk knew he had hit the big time when he was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2013. Time has often anointed people who are ahead of their time and doing innovative things, so it’s no surprise that the world’s coolest CEO was given a shout-out. There’s no doubt that Musk aspires for more than just being influential, as his goal is to do things on such a grand scale, that Time would have no choice but to name him “Person of the Year,” a designation that would confirm Musk as the boldest of all entrepreneurs.