He’s a Visionary


Musk thinks about what isn’t out there, and makes it come true. He’s already thinking about building a Hyperloop, which is a transportation system that would let people go from LA to San Francisco in about 30 minutes, using high-pressure tubes. Musk has vowed to build the first tube to test out his theory of super-fast travel.


He Hangs Out With Famous People

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to Head of SpaceX Elon Musk on a tour of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape CanaveralSource

By virtue of his own fame, Musk can have lunch with any Senator in Washington DC, and get an audience with President Obama. It’s the old rap theory that ‘game recognizes game,’ which means that rich, famous people like hanging around with other rich, famous people. Think about how cool it would be to steal Musk’s Rolodex, and just start dialing the names on the list.


He Uses Other People’s Money To Make More Money

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger And Tesla Motors Make AnnouncementSource

Musk knows the one truth about becoming richer is, ‘Never use your own money.’ So when he was trying to expand Tesla Motors, he didn’t dump his own money into the venture, he went out and convinced Toyota to throw $50 million his way. That’s fifty as in ‘5-0,’ folks, not chump change. Musk knows that soliciting investment by trusted companies solidifies his bonafides, and gives him the capital he needs to continue his upward trajectory. And he rewards investors, such as giving away a Tesla Roadster to Toyota’s CEO as a gift.