Be Honest


What’s the point of dating someone if you’re going to obfuscate or avoid telling the truth about how you feel about a situation? Make honest communication one of your top priorities when you date, and that includes listening to your partner without trying to put limits on what she can say. Avoid the trap of turtling up when things become difficult in your relationship. Clamming up and forcing your partner to coax words out of you will only trigger frustration and create more issues between the two of you.


Avoid Talking About Past Relationships

Past RelationshipsSource

Nothing kills the mood quicker when you’re dating than you griping about your ex and how she done you wrong. No one wants to hear about it, least of all the guy you’re dating now, so keep your ex’s name out of your mouth.


Don’t Hold On To Something Bad


Some people who are dating remain in a bad relationship because they’re more afraid of not being with someone than of being with the wrong person. If the tea leaves are reading negatively, you have to end the relationship and move on. You should never hang on to a person you are dating because of fear of being alone. Learn your lessons from what went wrong and cut the cord.