Loosen the Chains


If you’re used to being the alpha-dog in a relationship, you may have to change your approach in order to keep dating your partner. The best relationships grow out of trust and the notion that both people have equal say in what happens, and if you are intent on controlling things, you risk losing the other person. Go out of your way to let her make some decisions, and talk about things together so that she feels included.


Don’t Play the Part of Someone Else


The tendency a lot of people who are dating have is to create a front for who they are, because they are scared that their real personality may scare off the other person. But the truth is that at some point, you will have to reveal who you really are, so get started early and be yourself. Learn to be comfortable in your skin, but don’t come on too strong to overcompensate. The guy you like isn’t going to want you more if he learns you’re hiding your true essence in order to fit into some notion you have of what he wants. Change only the aspects of your personality you think are negative.


Give the Other Person Some Space


When you’re dating someone you really like, you tend to want to spend as much time with them as possible. But play it cool, and give your partner space, and don’t monopolize every bit of his leisure time. You’re not playing a game, but there is some truth to the idea that less is more, meaning that the more you give him space, the more likely he is to want to spend time with you. Spending some time apart from your dating partner also gives you the opportunity to remain connected to your friends and family members, who often feel neglected during the honeymoon period of dating.