It’s ironic that in an age in which communication is so much easier and quicker than ever before, people are finding it more difficult to meet someone special. It’s hard to explain why this is the case, and maybe it’s always been a challenge to find a person you want to spend your life with, but it does seem that dating in the new Millennium is fraught with disappointment, despair and sometimes even danger. But take heart and follow some of these simple tips, and you might find that things aren’t as bad as you think.


Lower Your Expectations


No, this doesn’t mean settle for less than you want, but it does mean that you need to stop taking your cues from TV shows, movies and commercials, in which the men and women are oiled up, beautiful and perfect. And while it’s fun to ogle at the bodies on screen, the truth is that the world of entertainment relies on the creation of fantasy to thrive. In the real world, men and women have flaws, and if you don’t understand that when you begin dating someone, you’ll spend all your time judging their faults, instead of enjoying what makes them unique.


Don’t Jump the Gun


It’s tempting to want to reveal yourself to another person you’re dating once you begin to realize that this could be the ‘one.’ But you must resist the temptation to jump the gun and talk about marriage and kids too early. Dating is all about finding the right fit. Think of it as trying on a lot of shoes before you buy one that may be a bit snug, but your walk test told you that it would be perfect in a few weeks. If you’re the first one to broach marriage, and it’s only been a month since you started dating, you could scare away the other person and lose a potential long-term relationship. All you have to do is read dating blogs to see how quickly a dating situation can turn sour when one person gives away too much of themselves too early. Words such as ‘psycho’ and ‘stalker’ are often used to describe these types of dating situations.