If you’re a pet lover, you are probably also an animal lover, which means your heart isn’t just warmed by your own dog or cat, you also go to pieces at the sight of other cute animals. There’s no shame in your game if you view your pet as a member of the family, that’s one of the reasons a dog is known as ‘man’s best friend.’ So to put a smile on your face, here are some of the most cute, cuddly and downright heart-­warming animals to reinforce your love for the critters that run on four legs.


Grumpy Cat


By now, you’ve probably seen this famous cat with a permanent frown, who has dominated the ‘cute cat’ wars for the past two years. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, is an Arizona cat that takes the prize when it comes to facial expressions. Because of an overbite, Grumpy Cat has a permanent look of not being impressed, even when she’s happy. Since 2012, the fabulous feline has earned more than $100 million in endorsements.