One of the biggest expenses when you go on vacation is paying for your lodging, which is why a cottage industry of private rental homes and apartments has become all the rage. Leading these rentals is Airbnb, a company that lets you arrange for lodging in hundreds of locations throughout the world. Millions of users have enjoyed Airbnb’s services without a problem, but there are some glitches, and when things go wrong, they really go wrong. Here are some of the worst experiences of real­life Airbnb customers, to help you avoid your own nightmare.


Not Legal In Every Country



One thing Airbnb doesn’t tell users is that in some cities, renting out an apartment or leased home to someone is against the law. This means that a landlord or homeowner who catches wind of an Airbnb arrangement, has the legal right to sack you from the premises, as well as the person who rents the home to you for your stay. It’s advisable that you make sure that the host isn’t violating a lease agreement by offering you lodging in exchange for monetary gain.