In sci-­fi movies set in the future, cars are always hovering in the air, or they’re automated, which means a computerized system handles the driving. But as it turns out, companies such as Google and Delphi have been beta­-testing self­-driving cars for years, and according to forward­-thinking revolutionary, Elon Musk, automated cars are the future. So with that in mind, here are some of the features that make these cars the ultimate, “I can legally text as much as I want when I’m driving” kind of transportation.


Human Detection


Self-­driving cars will be available with sensors that can immediately detect the presence of a human being both in front of to the side and behind the vehicle. Some normal cars already have this detection, but the self­-driving car will include detection sensors on all sides, and also work at night. When it senses the presence of a human, the car’s brakes will depress.