There was a time when BET was the gatekeeper to African American culture. Whether it was music,movies,news or sports. BET represented Blacks in America. no matter where you were in the world BET showed what being an African American was about. True most of the programming was for entertainment purposes but BET also recognized they had a responsibility to educate aswell. Shows like teen summit helped young black America ge tacquainted with the issues effecting their communities aswell as the world. The name might have been BET( Black Entertainment Televison), but the channel stood for more than that. I miss those days.

I look at channels like Telemundo and Univison and get nostalgic. These Latin-centric channels remind me of what BET used to be and what it could have been. Telemundo and Univision are much more than the beautiful people hosting the shows or the Novellas that dominate it’s prime time programming. They understand that they have a responsibilty not only to Latinos living in America but Spanish speaking people all over the world. They always take the time to educate their people on Latin culture. heroes are never forgotten. No matter if these heroes were entertainers or liberators they are respected and venerated.

Telemundo and Univison has a global outlook when it comes to content. Their programming represents the various cultures of the Latin people from all over the world. From news to novellas all spanish speaking people are represented. The awareness of what it means to be Hispanic is their reason for being. Pride and love for the culture is the constant message being promoted.

The hosts of the shows and news broadcasts are specially selected tocatch your attention while channel surfing. The women reporting the news can double as centerfolds. Some my say it’s sexist taht most of the women look like models. I say it’s because the executives understand tha tthey are representing a people and a culture that they love. They are saying ” Look how beautiful, articulate and educated our women are.” The executives at the station understand that they must control the perception of the race at all times. Yes the yare more than just pretty faces. Pay attention to what she’s saying, look past the surface. The execs also know that the news effects the lives of their people in this country and in their native countries aswell so the message must be heard, so the viewers attention is essential.

In the begining of every year on Telemundo there’s a showcase of Latin beauty,pride, and culture. Women from Hispanic speaking countries  and the United States compete to become the face of the Latin world. She will be called La Belleza Nuestra. Pride in their women takes on the form of worship. Even the meteorologists are stars ask any one about Jackie.

That’s what I ask of BET. Please go back to teaching black pride, black love and black history. Please educate un again.Please take us all over the world like Rachel used to do on Carribean Rythms. I’m begging you for teh news effecting our community. I need to know who my black heroes are. In eed programming that i can relate to. I don’t need to watch reruns all day or hood movies that i’ve seen a billion times.

I need to be taught not just black culture but world culture. Let me know about music, movies, and dance. introduce me to black cultures and people from all over the world. introduce me to whites,hispanics,indians, jews, muslims, eastern and western europeans. Introduce me ot people that are truly making changes in their communities and the world. We are considered the black race but there is only one race the human race.

I’m begging you for upliftment. You can be a leader once more it’s not too late. Why must i learn form other sources that we are truly underrepresented in the tech world? Why didn’t you tell me about programs like Yes We Code and 2040 that are trying to get more minorities involved in high-tech? Why are you no longer informing us about politicians and the issues that directly effect us?

BET you are supposed to be a global window into black culture. I love shows like The game and being Mary jane, but i need more. You claim to represent me. But you only seem to represent a small part of the black experience and sometimes it’s the worst part. Sometimes there are too many stereotypes propagated. So form this day forth I am asking to be represented correctly. I am asking that the entire black experience be represented.  i am a citizen of the world truly cosmopolitan and educated like many blacks. So if you can’t fulfill your promise then you are false advertising. If you will not change your ways then please change your name. Please remove the “B” BET.