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What is love? Does it exist and if does, does it exist in it’s true form? Has it evolved with us or have we evolved past it? Are it’s skeletal remains buried in some distant remote past? An artifact of a mystical land before time. A land before this time where everyone is moving at the speed of life, too concerned with themselves and their families, social circles, status and their day to day living that’s an extension of themselves? An extension of who we want to be, supposed to be, hope to be or should be. Has it become a Lochness Monster? Something we’ve all heard about but no one has actually seen. Can love exist in our day to day relationships or would it just complicate things and get in the way of our goals? Are we capable of knowing the true self which is true selflessness? Can we love without a reason, without conditions and caveats? I’m speaking of love for the sake of loving or would that be too dangerous, because this world is a crazy place filled with crazier people? We might not be able to spare some change but we can spare a moment to act out of love without expecting anything in return? No blessings involved or rewards just random acts of loving kindness.

We hear about love. Write songs and movies about it, but can these mediums truly convey what it means to be in love? How can it be so ubiquitous yet so elusive? We love hearing about it, if only to live and feel it vicariously through the lives of others, but that’s not really knowing it. It’s our greatest source of strength our greatest source of fear. God forbid we lose it after we’ve worked so hard to find it. We have it and don’t share it like we’re putting it away for a rainy day. Some of us love the way it makes us feel but think our feelings are more real than the next person’s. Do we truly understand it? We manipulate others for it in order to feed our egos or achieve some other desired outcome. Love without understanding afflicts us all. Then again does understanding love mean that we lose all understanding, reason and logic? It can make wrongs right, turn flaws into perfections and allows us to see more clearly and deeper than we thought possible.

Let’s talk about real love. That which has no beginning or end. That which is unborn and undying. What Victor Frankel once described as being “stronger than death.” The feeling that some mothers feel when they first see their newborn babies. The seeing yourself in someone else for the first time. Knowing that this person is a part of you. That the same life that flows through and from you exists in someone else.  Wanting more for someone else, wanting someone to be better than you. For the first time in your life you understand and that understanding is reflected in your actions. You now know that love places honor in sacrifice. You are now able to sacrifice not only in life, but your life. If someone were to take that love away they would take a part of you away. These things must be experienced because no one can explain them to us. Love is difficult that’s why some people won’t have it. It weakens yet it’s not for the weak. Hate cannot exist in love, but we can learn to love from those that hate us.

We share the same breath. When you inhale I exhale. I breathe because of you and vice versa. Light is defined by what it illuminates. Love is defined by the recipient, the object that is loved. We can love the wrong things and the wrong people and that will determine our understanding of what love is. Without self love there cannot be love. Because love for another must be greater or equal to the love we feel for ourselves. You can feel it in your conscious and unconscious mind. You can feel it in your objective and subjective mind. You are alive because love is life. So you must love life and all it’s manifestations and respect existence. This is the key to forgiveness which is a characteristic of love. Like Descartes said, “I think therefore I am,” your reality reflects your thoughts. Think love and see love. Then you will rid yourself of all biases, prejudices and there will will be no disparity in who and what you love there will only be love. Like light shines on all beings no matter their state of being so must love be like light. Then you’ll realize that there is no such thing as hate, there’s only lack of love. Which is the same as having lack of light total darkness and blindness.


The word love is overused, over marketed and over defined. Yet I don’t see enough of it. Too much “you” and not enough “us.” We have become the “me” generation. We come with too much baggage, too many broken hearts and too little self- esteem in order to let love exist. Allow love to enter you and save you. You went through everything that you went through in life, those experiences are now a part of you. Love everything about you not just some of you. One of the few things  in life that is not beyond your control is the choice to love unconditionally. Your love will be tested, but that will only make it stronger. It will painful but don’t try and escape the pain but embrace it. Allow it to awaken your senses. Love those that don’t love you. But don’t be foolish. The way you must love them is by understanding why they are the way they are. Love your enemies and it’ll show how much you love yourself. You can only love because you understand yourself. Your love sends them energy in order for them to find enlightenment and eventually love themselves.

Look for love and never find it. You cannot have specifications on how love should enter your life. If you are looking for true love be truthful in all of your undertakings. If love is dead bring it back to life. Everything you do allow love to be at it’s core. Money doesn’t love back so you can’t love money. You cannot marry for money and  learn to love your spouse later. It’ll never work. What if the money runs out before you’ve learned to love your spouse? Smile more, pay more attention to life this is how you’ll learn life’s secrets. Love is beautiful. You’ll love the sunny days and recognize the need for rain. that is because you love the entire experience that is life. Be thankful show gratitude. Show someone that you love them, that you truly love them.Tell them that you love them. Show a stranger that you are truly an evolved human being. I’m asking you to sacrifice who you are and who society tells you who you should be. I want you to experience something totally independent of your personal desires, your goals, class and your pretentions. I’m asking you to be truly human. To love and be loved.