Love him or hate him, Kanye West has- Okay, we just plain out hate him. While there’s no doubt life wouldn’t be quite as interesting without Yeezy around, Kanye West has definitely done and said a lot of stupid things. Just when we were starting to warm up, Kanye had to weird us out again. Here’s a few new reasons why we hate Kanye West.

He Had to Drag Taylor Swift Back Down. AGAIN.

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Just when Taylor Swift and Kanye West were finally calming down after their epic, several year long feud, Kanye had to start things up again. What did he do? He referenced Tay-Tay in his song “Famous”, with lyrics like: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have s*x / Why, I made that b**ch famous / God d**n / I made that b**ch famous”. Yup, classy. As you can imagine, neither Taylor nor her friends were particularly happy about this. Plus, did he really “make her famous”? Considering she was already a pretty popular artist before that whole VMA debacle, we’re gonna have to say no, he had nothing to do with the fact she’s topping charts.