We might call Beyonce the queen of pop but it’s time for her to hand over her crown to anyone else. She’s not really Queen B anymore, at least in our opinion. Hang on though. Before you start slamming us in the comments, hear us out. While Beyonce’s star once burned bright, she’s losing her spark. Here’s why.

1- She Doesn’t Know How to Put on a Show Anymore


Remember when Beyonce sung her heart out at the 2013 Super Bowl? We do. While she rocked the joint then, she definitely didn’t win us over in 2016. Heck, she barely sung when she was up there with Coldplay and the rest. Beyonce’s losing her track as a performer. It’s gotten to the point where she feels that all she needs to do is show up, say a few lines and people will lavish attention on her. When was the last time anyone had a really amazing time at a Beyonce concert? Probably a few years. She mistakes showing up for doing the work.