The Mayans were right the world did end.  Life as we knew it ended.  The greatest paradigm shift in history is taking place.  MY generation is standing at the crossroads and we’re ready to push humanity further than ever before.  Connectivity is providing opportunities like man has never seen.  The degrees of separation between intention and action are disappearing by the minute.  Retrogression and social inertia have become unforgivable sins.  The language of my future will not be Spanish, Mandarin or English, it will be code.  Speak it fluently or be lost in translation.  We’re unraveling the secrets of DNA, learning our bodies, living longer and solving the enigma that is the human mind.  There’s no such thing as artificial intelligence, there is only intelligence.  At this very moment there is a merging of machine and human intelligence taking place that will become a collective intelligence and the foundation of our collective reality.

We can see further than past generations because we were blessed to stand on the shoulders of the mental giants that came before us.  If only Alan Turing could see us know.  I know he can see us.  He’s whispering to us daily revealing his most closely held secrets.  May this writing be a testament to the brilliance of Adam Schwartz our Patron Saint of freedom of information.  He sacrificed for us.  He didn’t take his life, he saved ours.  Through us he shall live forever.  The oppressors will never be able to deceive the young men and women in hoodies.  Those self-taught geniuses that hide their identities and  digital escape routes.  Not to be confused with the cowards that thrive on data breeches, stealing our identities for their nefarious criminal purposes.  No this for those that hack for the betterment of society.  Thank you for watching the watchers make sure that they are held accountable for their actions, for their lack of respect of our privacy.

We crave a better world.  We’ve seen seen towers fall and rebuilt because the human spirit is stronger than terror.  The will to be free will always be stronger than fear.  Freedom was a right given by an authority that outranks all authorities.  Twitter and Facebook were first dismissed as tools of incompetence for a generation of underachievers.  That is until a fire was started in Tunisia and the Jasmine blossoms of an Arab Spring presented their beauty from the Middle East to a square in Egypt.  The oppressors couldn’t hide.  We witnessed their brutality in real time.  The entire world saw the live streams of their crimes against humanity.  It was Twitter, Facebook, and other “tools of incompetence” that unified the hearts and minds of the world.  Free and unfree.  In Iran protester’s blood were spilled in the streets of Tehran.  But Mr. Ayatollah what you failed to realize was that the majority of your population was under the age of forty, and to your dismay tech savvy with a global army of supporters.  They tried to disrupt Internet service, but you can’t disrupt what is meant to be.  I love my generation.  For future reference we don’t only share photos we share struggle as well.

I saw my heroes occupy Wall Street because capitalist gambled away what we worked so hard for.  In the last fifteen years these brown eyes have seen war, recession, depression, the poverty gap grow wider and mankind overcome incredible obstacles time and again.  The one percent now owns half the world’s wealth.  I’ve seen the Lady of Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi freed, America’s first black president, a Latina Supreme Court Justice set precedent and Marissa Mayer take over Yahoo and change the landscape of the tech industry.  I’ve seen terror, I’ve seen love and hate. I’ve seen a failed assassination attempt on a young girl by the Taliban because she wanted an education.  Our first lady call for terrorists to #GIVE US BACK OUR GIRLS, mass murders, mass graves and bombings.  I’ve seen kids killed by kids.  Kids killed by police.  As well as dictators fall.  I’ve cried tears of sadness and tears of joy.  I’ve died many times but each time I rose smarter and stronger.

I’ve seen people fight for the right to love and be loved. Fight for the right to marry their person of choice..  The conservatives were mad at the Supreme Court’s decision on DOMA, but the Constitution is the most reliable metric in the land.  In case you didn’t know Mr.  Right-Wing extremists that facts dictate the law so the better brief will always win.  End of story.  I love this country.  Janet Yellin did it first, Danika Patrick did it first and now Loretta Lynch will .  You are role models for women everywhere.  Cheers to you too Mr. Holder.  Thank you to Sergei Brin and Larry Page for giving us Google.  May Gold bless the Android operating system.  Giving my generation a platform to create the future.  A toast to Elon Musk for being a pioneer, to Steve Job and Woz for giving us Apple.  This is dedicated to the record breakers and record setters.  Dedicated to Bill Gates and Paul Allen.


My generation is the epitome of the rebellion may never become dictators. We are represented by men like Mark Zuckerberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.  We will not be denied.  I can travel the world, get Uber anywhere, find lodging from Air BNB.  Pay for it using cash, Apply Pay, Square or Bitcoin.  I can do anything because there’s an app for everything.  We are tech savvy iconoclasts.  We don’t complain about the status quo we change it.  We know racism doesn’t work.  In racism there are only victims and no winners.  Our favorite rapper is a biracial Canadian Jew.  We’re Millennials we do things differently.  With us it’s zero-sum, innovate or die.  The first of our kind call us the zero-day generation.  Either you get us or you don’t .  You don’t have to like our clothes, tattoos, piercings or the loud colors in our hair.  But we are thinkers, we are brilliant, the inside of our cars look like spaceships and our women are the hottest in history.

True we stay glued to our smart phones.  Because if we don’t we’ll miss the coolest thing ever since the last coolest thing ever happened fifteen minutes ago.  Our lives are moving that fast.  The greatest companies of our time were started in dorm rooms and garages.  We create apps and websites and sell them for tens of millions of dollars.  Create things like Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets and sell them for billions.  All while while my streamed music blasts in my Beats by Dre Headphones.  I’m not a slacker you just don’t get it.  And that’s a shame because this is the information age.

We crowd source, crowd fund and my universe was created by coders.  Two factor authentication is how I gain access.  Like the keys to success it’s based on something I have (courage) and something I know.  I never use the same password twice.  I use The Onion Router, Duck Duck Go, read The Onion, The Daily Beast, Reddit and if I want to know something then I go on Wikipedia.  If it’s not in my news feed either it didn’t happen or it’s irrelevant.  I exercise what is stated and insinuated by the First Amendment.  That being the freedom of speech and the freedom of thought.  Thought precedes speech may they both forever remain free.

I love my generation.  The Greatest generation ever.  Taught by the greatest minds in human history.  I was born at this juncture, this critical time for a reason.  We all were.  We were chosen to learn, teach, and to enlighten.  To see the mistakes made by those that came before us so we won’t ever repeat them.  We were blessed with  information, the only true currency, in order to make a change for the better.  With better information comes more opportunities.  With the evolution of consciousness comes the evolution of ability.  We will use this ability wisely.  To be what they said we couldn’t be, what the oppressors said we didn’t have the right to be.  That’s what we must become.

Think big may your concepts remain bold because God favors the bold.  May you fail, may you succeed.  We are  futurists that embrace all of humanity, because the future of the human race depends on it.  No more suppression of freedom or the suppression of women’s rights.  Tell the posturing cowards with their faces covered on the television that my generation will not stand for your extremism.  WE will preach peace and digitally empower developing nations.  We are great and the generation after us will be greater.  They will stand on our shoulders and see further.