The new planets will provide new markets, jobs and offer new beginnings for people looking for a new lease on life. For those of us that suffer from wanderlust going to the new worlds will feed that insatiable appetite for adventure. The future will be for those new age Sooners and explorers with dreams of creating a New Atlantis. We will become life scientists learning as we live. Through trial and error we will adapt, move forward and conquer like humans have done since the beginning of time. The body will react differently to our new climates and environments. New vaccines will have to be created. By then we would have perfected stem cell regeneration. Injuries and sicknesses that affect us today may cease to exist. Our healing capabilities will be more advanced than ever before. Not to mention the possibilities that new alien plant life may hold for our health and nutrition.

We will encounter new alien life forms. Mostly of them will be bacteria and other microscopic organisms. We will explore the caves, hills and valleys of our new planets. Our presence might upset the natural ecosystem of the planets or we might help it. Like us the planet will eventually be changed forever. Our vehicles will be antigravity, harnessing the power of vibration, light, fossil fuels, electricity from the human body and other sources. Picture an interstellar Diaspora of earth’s people colonizing other planets living our lives straight out of an Isaac Asimov novel. The story of mankind has not even began. What we and our ancestors have experienced so far is only the preface.

We have acquired the ability to do so much in such a short period of time that it can be difficult to structure all the data that we generate. That will no longer be a obstacle. The galactic community will be able to easily share up to second information with it’s neighbors no matter how many light years away. There will be holographic messaging. We will see meteor showers from their inception and explore black holes. We will go deep into space, beyond the Milky Way. The theories of our astrophysists and astronomers will be proven and built upon our discarded as junk science.

To inhabit a planet other than Earth will be our greatest accomplishment. I wonder what our first settlement will be called? What will our first metropolis look like, or what will we use for building materials? Will we live on the surface or will we have to become a subterranean people? Will we have to import soil to grow foods or will hydroponics become the de facto mode of growing food? I believe our new societies will be peaceful because survival will outweigh all selfishness. We will have the mistakes made by earth’s civilizations  as our guide. The future races will be perfect races. space will change us for the better.

Imagine never aging, or our skin pigmentation becoming different hues. Maybe the way we breathe will change as well. If that happened would we still be considered humans?  Evolution will be inevitable. Maybe being exposed to new atmospheres would give us new physical or mental abilities. Making us into supermen and women. We all know how earth effected Clark Kent. Before you wave it off as my over active imagination you don’t know what’s possible so how can you say what’s impossible?

As the Earth’s population heads to eight billion more and more nations are facing hunger, drought and overcrowding. Our natural resources and food supply cannot sustain the rapid population growth. True GMO’s and better irrigation technologies have turned once arid deserts into farmlands. It simply has not been enough to combat the world’s problems. Demand and limited supply have driven the price of food higher. Cultures that have survived for generations on farming can no longer do so. They are leaving the rural areas and moving to already overcrowded cities looking for work to feed their families. It is time to see what solutions other planets in the galaxy have to offer. The Earth is being overworked, over mined and the soil is being over farmed. Soon the Earth will not be able to meet the needs of it’s people. Space exploration must be viewed as an exploration of options for the Earth’s people not just for scientific research. We can no longer ignore our problems and try and delay the inevitable. We must be aggressive in our pursuits of a new Earth. Condos on Mars or any planet in our Solar System must become a reality.