The amazing space race has begun. Elon Musk’s Space X and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic are promising to have commercial  flights to space in the near future and have already sold tickets to some of world’s most powerful, wealthy and famous people. For the class of people where money isn’t an object, paying top dollar for the a exclusive privilege of being the first to travel into space for leisure, a Space X ticket is THE must have luxury item. While  we mere mortals remain on Earth feeling green with envy, the aristocracy will be checking out  prime real-estate on their planet of choice. Some of you are probably saying good riddance to the wealthiest one percent and to some of the world’s most hated celebrities (like a certain shirtless Canadian named Justin) the reality is that if these test flights go well it’ll make it a lot easier for the rest of us to travel into space and eventually start lives in other planets.

Space exploration and eventually being able to establish settlements on other planets will be of great benefit to us. To be even having this conversation is mindboggling. Think of how far we’ve come. From people laughing at the Wright Brothers’ flying machine, to the advancements in aviation, to eventually going into space in the Twentieth Century and now with our technology advancing exponentially on an almost daily basis what was once science fiction is becoming our reality. Maybe our greatest asset has always been our inquisitive minds always asking questions, needing to take things apart to see how they worked and refusing to accept limits and boundaries. This is how we’ve arrived at this place in time.

In the future our children’s children will be born on other planets. We will have family members scattered all over the universe. New worlds will provide us an opportunity to redefine ourselves. We will form new societies with their own unique languages, cultures and possibly religions. It’ll be a chance for new governments to be formed to succeed where governments of the past have failed. New Constitutions will have to be written to protect the rights of the citizens. I believe each new planet that we inhabit will be autonomous, but will also be a part of an interplanetary United Nations.