I wrote this article to bring you up to speed on what’s going on in the world around you. i honestly believe that you would have quit smoking a longtime ago if someone would have told you that you could live decades longer if you stopped smoking today. Breakthroughs in technology, fitness, diet, nutrition and medicine are promising us longevity so you should quit immediately. But obviously no one has told you because I see you continue to engage in the most mind boggling feats of bravery. I watch in amazement as you stand outside of bars , office buildings and other smoke-free establishments in below freezing temperatures just to engage in your favourite pass-time. I envy your fearlessness and determination you brave the elements like explorers in the Antarctic, spitting in old man’s winter’s face and making lude gestures at mother nature. Society has made you outcasts by refusing to let you smoke indoors or in some cases outdoors, they’ve ostracised you, but that has only made you stronger. The undying will of your people have allowed you band together and formed tribes. I often see you congregating together in rain,sleet and snow unified by your common cause,that sweet taste of tobacco. I understand your thinking if you quit then the oppressors win. Okay I will never understand your logic, but your bravery is aweinspiring. But please don’t die trying to prove that you are brave.


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To quote everyone’s favorite TV doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz,”Indeed, there’s no reason we can’t live to 100, with energy and good health.” Living longer healthier lives has been the goal of mankind aslong as we’ve existed. Today more than ever that goal is achieveable. From governments to Google everyone is making it a priority that we live longer. 3D printers can now print new livers, hearts and other vital organs. Yes you read that correctly organs. Advancements in stem-sell technology allows us to not only make organs, but limbs and perform breast augmentation. longevity have become THE business of the future. Imagine the biotech firm that discovers and patents the formula for the fountain of youth. You don’t have to be a genius to imagine the profit margins that firm would have.