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This is not an anti-education piece or an attack on the school system. This article has to do with the fearlessness that one must possess in order to follow their dreams. This is about being truthful with ourselves and realistically assessing our strengths and weaknesses. I’m speaking to the risk takers, the future leaders and the young innovators that will push humanity forward. 90% of all start-ups will fail but 10% succeed. So if there’s a chance then it’s possible and possible is more than enough. 10% is enough because because you know your idea will change the world. Your idea has already changed you, the way you think, act and your sleeping habits. How can one sleep when this idea, this dream is burning inside of you?

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School can’t teach ambition. School can’t explain your feeling of destiny. You feel like how Lebron James or Kobe Bryant in high school. You knew that your peers we not your peers because you only identified with greatness and they were comfortable with mediocrity. You know that you were meant to be great. That another minute spent in class was one less minute you spent chasing your dream. You’re ready for the big leagues and nothing and no one will ever change your mind. You maybe ready for the world but is the world ready for you? Before you drop out of school to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or should i say the first you. You may want to do some self and market analysis in order to accurately assess your chances of success.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. Facebook started in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. While Mark was fine-tuning his magnum opus, external forces were at work that paved the way for his meteoric rise. First Friendster introduced us to the social network. Friendster was briliant, it was the future. It was everything it promised us it would be,a great place for people to meet. It was everything a social network should be. But it’s young leader was not prepared for it’s success and it’s rapid growth. he didn’t pay attention to details, the most important of these details were the servers. Friendster’s servers were continually overwhelmed due to high traffic volume and repeatedly crashed. That was the death blow for one of our times greatest ideas. As the saying goes, where there’s a carcass there will be vultures. Myspace took advantage of the oppotunity. But Myspace failed to prepare for the competion. When Myspace became number one it forgot what it meant to be number two. Myspace failed to innovate and  underestimated Facebook. The rest is history.


Your plan must be well thought out. Also ask yourself do you have what it takes to lead, teach, succeed and change the world? Do have the capital to not only start a business but to sustain that business during the period you are not profitable? You may have left school in search of your place in the world, but the real world provides an education unlike any learning institution. The real world is unforgiving it’s constant education and reeducation. You are learning and making decisions in real time. A high-stakes game where your last mistake is your best teacher, but mistakes can cost you everything. If you have employees their lives and the lives of their families are tied to your every decision.

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You realise that you need help. Even MARK Zuckerberg has Sheryl Sandberg. You need what the business world calls “parental supervision.” That means you realised that you’re in over your head so rather than destroy the company you hire  experienced consultants and advisors. That is if you’re smart enough to do so. That may be difficult for some people to do. Anyone who leaves school because you are smarter than your teachers suffers from dillusions of granduer and can be characterized as vainglorious. Don’ t get me wrong those same traits that are your greatest flaws are also your greatest weapons. They are an asset to any pioneer, world leader, successful business person and in the DNA of everyone that has changed the world. You must learn when to turn it off and on.


Critical self-analysis must be a daily must be a daily if not an hourly exercise. You must understand your strengths and weaknesses, and always work with people that are smarter than you. School may not be required for you to achieve you dreams. Take a look at the actress Olivia Munn. But some form of education is needed. You must be able to market yourself and your product. What’s the point of having something great and no one knows about it? A basic understanding of business is necessary aswell as finance. The odds of succeeding are against you. So provide yourself with every possible advantage. Intelligent decision making is the only way to truly hedge against failure. I encourage you to dream big, fail frequently, reset and try again. The world needs people like you.